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World Book Day 2021 - Statistics on the UK's Love of Books

From the most popular children's books to the literary works that inspired Oscar winners, we've put together the below infographic which also outlines a Cartridge People study* that found that:

  • One in five Brits now takes in a 'book' on a screen or e-reader

  • 41% of people in the UK spend less than an hour a week reading or listening to books

  • 11% of 18-34 year olds admitted to reading for more than 14 hours a week

  • 33% stated that they were reading more than they were in February 2020

  • One in 10 people in the 18-44 age group would now prefer to listen to an audiobook

  • Over 75% of women opt to read the book itself as opposed to a digital or audio version

Commenting on the study, Cartridge People Marketing Manager, Louise Laurie said: “It’s clear to see that the events of the last year have had an impact on the reading habits of Brits. What is telling is the changing way we’re choosing to enjoy books with the emergence of audiobooks.

“Home schooling will hopefully be coming to an end soon so in 2022 children can go back to celebrating World Book Day like they have in previous years. This year though, we’d encourage parents to look at ways to still mark the occasion at home safely and ask children to take part in what’s become an important day in the school calendar.”


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