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A British Royal inspired Journey of Diamonds & Crowns

In celebration of Ladies Day Royal Ascot, you are invited to join British fashion brand Crown Love together with the award-winning gemmologist HELEN DIMMICK and Chelsea Rocks founder JOANNA PARK-TONKS for a webinar:


Thursday 17th June at 6:30 pm GMT. (Ladies Day Royal Ascot)

The webinar will trace the history of diamonds, (both mined and laboratory grown), crowns and all manner of headwear accessories!

Celebrating feminine regalia, power and pageantry, this webinar will be a playful and insightful adventure into the role that ornamental headwear has played over the decades.

With the upcoming wedding season back on, there is even a special bridal offer at the end of the webinar available for one lucky bride - so stay tuned!

Register here:


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