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Sustainable shoe brand VADA launches

Sustainable UK shoe brand VADA launches with its collection of effortlessly stylish, seasonless, wardrobe essentials. Not just another ‘sustainable’ brand, VADA puts sustainability at the centre of everything they do, making its brand eco-friendly from sole to box. With a ‘made to last’ approach and working with nature, VADA’s collection is made using only natural and recycled materials such as alpaca wool, algae and 100% recycled plastic bottles. Sleek, sophisticated and versatile, the minimalist collection, with each shoe style named as a number, includes Flats, Loafers and Points, all designed with maximum comfort in mind. Available in a range of contemporary colours, including Black, Camel, Grey, Pink and Yellow, the styles have been created to fit effortlessly in any women’s wardrobe. VADA’s collection has been designed for fashion and environmentally conscious women who want to feel great, and invest in easy wardrobe essentials which will last. VADA stands apart from the competition down to its use of premium alpaca wool. The once a year shearing of their coats is not only completely harmless, it's necessary as they don't shed their fleece naturally and its fibre is also all-natural and biodegradable. The shoes insoles are made from algae biomass which cleans and restores the environment when harvested. VADA transforms this type of algae into the flexible foam which brings extra cushioning to all of its shoes, creating comfort without compromise. VADA outsoles are flexible, lightweight, and durable. More importantly, they’re made from 100% recycled TPU. The VADA shoe box is made from recycled paper and can be recycled itself. It’s also durable enough to be shipped on it’s own, so there’s no need for extra packaging. Prices start at £79 and are available to pre-order now:

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