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London – Fabletics, the global active-lifestyle brand co-founded by Kate Hudson in 2013, is excited to announce its first ever UK collaboration with television star and fitness influencer Louise Thompson. Fabletics’ mission is to combine fitness and fashion to make women feel stylish and confident at the gym and beyond. Every month Louise will launch a handpicked selection of her favourite Fabletics pieces from the new collection. Speaking about the collaboration, Louise Thompson says, “I couldn't be more excited to collaborate with Fabletics. It is so hard to find an active wear brand that has something for everyone. They guide you to find the perfect outfit that suits your individual style, so you don’t have to think too hard about matching pieces together yourself. The result is no more bland gym wardrobes! All of the outfits also fit really well, which is something I’ve struggled with in the past. Comfort really contributes a lot to overall confidence”. Louise’s October picks will include an assortment of tops, high waisted leggings and joggers. Her monthly selection reflects the fashion meets performance DNA of Fabletics as well as featuring styles inspired by Louise’s fitness mission. Louise says, “One of my favourite pieces from my October picks is the Vaani legging which has a pastel blue waistband and side-trim to slim the figure. I have also selected an amazing Vigneto coloured jogger and pullover combo. This colour is very ‘on trend’ for autumn and suits all skin tones”

Louise is a definitive voice for female empowerment and body positivity – especially for the younger generation. In the past year the petite TV star has toned up and thrown herself into her workout regime after finding a new found love for fitness. Louise's number one tip for success - “Don't take yourself too seriously and remember consistency is key.” The Louise Thompson Edit will be available on the official UK Fabletics website from 12th October 2017.

About Fabletics Fabletics is a global active-lifestyle brand designed with every woman in mind. We live and breathe premium activewear that combines fitness and fashion to make women feel supported, stylish and confident, at—and beyond—the gym. We’re excited to inspire women everywhere to find new experiences they love, armed with all the prints, colors, design details and performance-ready pieces they love even more. Above all, our Flexible VIP Membership keeps us closely connected to our loyal community of over one million members, who inspire us every single day. The full selection of clothing and accessories can be found at For general information on Fabletics, please visit the TechStyle website or Louise’s Top Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy I’m really watching my intake of liquid calories. I used to drink a lot of fancy coffees and cocktails that had a lot of added sugar. Nowadays I prefer to have a pudding now and again instead! I’ve been making raw sweet treats with added protein powder as well as natural sources of protein to satisfy any sugar cravings. I now prioritise sleep more. If you don’t get enough sleep at night your body won’t be able to metabolise properly or rebuild muscle. Now the nights are getting darker I go to bed an hour earlier. I am in bed by 10pm LATEST and switch off all electronics so I don’t get distracted. I wake up naturally around 6.30am and get lots done as a result during the day! Currently I’m really enjoying weight lifting, followed by pilates to stretch and strengthen my core.

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