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Saro The Musical - The Nigerian vibrant, smashing showcase showing in London

As the appetite for international plays grows, leading Nigerian theatre company Terra Kulture will return to London’s West End this August with a spectacular musical ‘Saro The Musical’, following last year’s sensational debut of Wakaa The Musical. ‘Saro The Musical’, a moving artistic portrait of ‘The African Dream’ will open at the Shaw Theatre on August 24th 2017. “It is a modern, dynamic musical painted with colours of hope, self-will, love and determination. In’ Saro’ we explore the journey of four young courageous men who step out of their comfort zone to city life, the land of opportunities in search of success” says artistic director and theatre impresario, Bolanle Austen Peters. ‘Saro’ takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions through stellar acting, rich costumes, vibrant dancing and music. This is the type of music that not only satisfies beyond the African audience, but also will be enjoyed by all who crave music that feeds the soul. The stories and characters are rich and appeal to a universal audience familiar with themes of aspiration and the struggles of the young. Bolanle Austen-Peters, the force behind Terra Kulture, one of Nigeria’s most successful and influential arts, cultural and production companies, says "Due to popular demand, we are taking the show to the largely discerning and open London population. ‘Saro The Musical’ is a proudly Nigerian cultural export that has the potential to boost cultural diplomacy and promote our cultural heritage internationally. It will provide the highly talented and creative youths involved in the production also with opportunities to experience the UK creative space and technology driving the UK creative industry. SHOW DATES AND TIME AND VENUE Aug 24th - 7pm Aug 25th - 7pm Aug 26th - 3pm, 7pm. Aug 27th - 3pm, 7pm. Aug 28th - 3pm, 7pm. Aug 29th - 7pm SARO THE Musical London has been made possible by the support MTN, BANK OF INDUSTRY, LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT, NIGERIAN EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL, the Nigerian Ministry of Culture and Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Africa Magic Africa Movie Channel, Beats FM, Wakened, IBST, Elufowoju jr Ensemble, DJA MEDIA amongst other partners.

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