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Yacht Girl Summer looks from British Heritage brand Musto and more

Tik Tok’s 'Yacht Girl Summer' is a look we can all get behind. Whether spending summer in the city or on the French Riviera, there's no reason you can't dress like you're about to step onto a boat.

Yacht Girl Pleaser Looks

Musto Women's Marina Stripe Short-Sleeve T-shirt is a wardrobe staple and has a distinct nautical feel, with thin, horizontal stripes dyed into the fabric. £32.

Step One Ahoy Sailor briefs - Get ready to feel comfortable and stylish with Step One's Women's Bikini Brief, Ahoy Sailor. Made with organic and breathable bamboo fabric that's certified FSC, this bikini brief provides eco-friendly luxury without compromising on quality. £13.90

Perfect for a Boat date, the classy headband with round pearls can be added to any look: £55

These Women's RIB UV Fast Dry Shorts are a summer essential. They wick away perspiration and dry rapidly to keep you cool and comfortable. The fabric stretches a little so you get a comfortable fit. Also, their UV protection for when you are in the sun is a must-have: £50


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