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Understanding coffee drinking among Gen Z Brits

Is there a thing as too much coffee?

  • 61% of Gen Z agree

  • 46% of Gen Z say they never drink coffee at work or home

  • Millennials and Gen X-ers amongst highest share of coffee enthusiasts

Millennials have defined trends within the coffee sector for several years but the influence of Gen Z on coffee culture is trending, particularly in the UK.  


There’s no such thing as too much coffee. Research from YouGov show Gen Z has the highest share of consumers who disagree with the statement (61%). Millennials and Gen X-ers, on the other hand, seem to have the highest share of coffee enthusiasts as 32% of them don’t think there’s such a thing as too much joe. 

Gen Zs are amongst the least likely to agree that there is no such thing as too much coffee – and the least likely among the youngest three generations. Does that mean the coffee love-in is dying? 

Where do coffee drinkers get their fix? 

Further analysis shows that Brits do most of their drinking at home or work, with a majority drinking coffee there at least once a day.  

But slightly less than half (46%) of Gen Z say they never drink coffee at work or home, with only a minority (10%) drinking multiple times a day – the lowest of all our groups.

Again, Gen Zs are less likely to drink coffee this way. The total proportion of Gen Zs that either drink coffee less often than once a week or never drink (11% and 46% at home, 33% and 52% at cafés, respectively) outweighs the proportion that do drink more than once a week. That’s consistent with our data that Gen Z members are doing without coffee in their daily routine. 

How to connect with Gen Z 

In order to reach and engage with Gen Z, YouGov data unsurprisingly reveals that social media is one of the best mediums advertisers should focus on. Almost two in five Gen Z-ers say they don’t trust adverts on TV, while 51% say they are more likely to engage with advertisements on social media than on regular websites.  

Gen Z is also more likely to be influenced by ads they see - 46% agree that advertising helps them choose what they buy, compared to 19% of Baby Boomers and 17% of the Silent Generation. They are also more likely to engage with adverts that are tailored to them (42%). 



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