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NEW BOOK reveals simple techniques to manage the chemicals in our body and brain that control how we

Harness your ‘Physical Intelligence’ to achieve more, stress less and live happily NEW BOOK reveals simple techniques to manage the chemicals in our body and brain that control how we think, feel, speak and behave. Why this book matters: · ‘Physical Intelligence’ is the biggest development in human intelligence since the concept of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ was developed in the 90s · IQ and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) aren’t enough – for humans to thrive in today’s fast-paced world they need Physical Intelligence · The book reveals the Physical Intelligence techniques and life hacks used by the world’s highest performing athletes, artistic performers and businesspeople to get ahead · The authors unveil mind-body techniques and exercises as well as nutrition and fitness tips we can all use to influence 8 key chemicals in our body and brain that dictate how we think, feel, speak and behave · The techniques are supported by neuroscience and scientific studies · Improving our Physical Intelligence can transform our mental focus, emotional stability, capacity, vitality and sense of fulfilment – empowering us to live and work better ‘Physical Intelligence’ unlocks the secret to thriving in our constantly changing, highly demanding world. 8 key chemicals dictate how we think, feel, speak and behave - ‘Physical Intelligence’ is our ability to detect and actively manage the balance of these chemicals in our bodies and brains in order to be our best self. The importance of IQ (cognitive intelligence) and EQ (emotional intelligence) have long been understood but what about Physical Intelligence? Physical Intelligence doesn’t just sit alongside IQ and EQ, it underpins them – enhancing cognitive function and influencing our ability to live happy, fulfilled, successful lives. Using our Physical Intelligence, we can strengthen our cognitive function and alter our mood, emotional responses, stress, confidence and happiness levels at will – yet few people really know how to do this. With their life-changing new book Physical Intelligence (Simon & Schuster), authors Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton are on a mission to change this. After years helping the world’s highest performing individuals reach their peak, they reveal the exercises and techniques that got them there. This is the ultimate manual for acing modern every-day life, transforming us from surviving to thriving. The four elements of ‘Physical Intelligence’ – vital to achieving more, stressing less and living more happily: Strength – The book reveals the posture, breathing, vocal and confidence-building exercises critical to improving inner strength – enabling us to be more assertive, productive and independently minded. Flexibility – Discover how to boost the 4 key flexibility chemicals to adapt and connect better to others and enhance creativity and innovation, essential for success. Resilience – ‘Physical Intelligence’ helps us take charge of our response to pressure, generate optimism and let go of failure. Endurance – Try targeted techniques that help us stay motivated and determined, increase our energy and enable us to break through the pain barrier to achieve long-term goals. The 8 key chemicals that influence how we think feel, speak, and behave: Acetylcholine – this key chemical drives our ability to rebalance, renew and recover from pressure Adrenalin – this releases a burst of energy when we need it, but can also make our nerves kick in, making it difficult to communicate effectively Cortisol – critical to our ability to take on challenges, in today’s fast-paced world it can send us into overdrive, triggering heightened anxiety DHEA – the high performance chemical, supporting vitality and cognitive function. Drops post-30. This drop is accelerated by stress and leads to premature ageing Dopamine – this chemical motivates us, giving us feelings of pleasure and need. When we feel disappointment it’s due to a lack of delivery of dopamine Oxytocin – makes you feel safe and included. Too little and we feel isolated, too much and we feel overly dependent on relationships Serotonin – influences our levels of happiness, satisfaction and well-being. High cortisol can drain our serotonin levels until depression sets in Testosterone – drives our desire to achieve and compete. Too little can make us risk-adverse, too much can make us arrogant and underprepared Physical Intelligence offers over 80 easy to use techniques, exercises and tips to help us manage these chemicals to find the perfect balance for a happy, successful and fulfilled life. Exclusive articles and interviews available: The authors are available to provide expert comment, interviews and by-lined articles on a number of topics, including: · Look beyond IQ and EQ – why Physical Intelligence is the most important human intelligence for 21st century life · The winning cocktail – how to manage 8 key chemicals in our body and brain to enhance your wellbeing · From Epsom salts to dark chocolate – 10 life hacks to rebalance the chemicals in our bodies and brains · 10 sleep hacks – from the scientific benefit of sleeping naked to releasing tension before bed · The 10 minute exercise regime that boosts happiness and confidence · Why Physical Intelligence needs to be on the curriculum · QUIZ: How good is your physical intelligence? · Tips to boost your physical intelligence to supercharge your career · Could you be a more evolved human? Experts explain how you can manage the chemicals in your body and brain to achieve more, stress less and live more happily! Physical Intelligence is published by Simon & Schuster, priced at £14.99, and is available now from

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