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Princess Diana Book - 20th Anniversary Edition

Personalised gifting group, Gifts Hub has just launched an exclusive and impressive 20th Anniversary Princess Diana Newspaper Book. A special collection of handpicked Newspaper articles to celebrate the life of the People's Princess.

As a big fan of Princess Diana and a Royalist lover I was delighted to receive my book which arrived carefully packaged in a luxurious premium black gift box with gold lettering. The book itself presented in a hand-bound, black leather design which featured my name embossed in gold on the front cover. The first page included a personal message, messages can be added when purchasing the book.

This tabloid-sized book measures an impressive 31 x 38cm. Individually bound in a hardback leather cover with foil embossing. The book features captivating newspaper articles and pictorial sections from throughout Princess Diana's life. Articles from 2007 onwards are printed in colour. 20 years after her death, articles from her lifetime and afterwards have been collected to celebrate Princess Diana's life.

Documenting over 30 years of her life, the book starts with articles dating back to a young and shy Diana in 1980, from early on these news pieces already indicate a media fascination for the Princess and her life. Looking back to some of her most iconic moments from her lifetime such as her marriage, the birth announcement of William and Harry and her sudden and shocking death.

Besides the mesmerizing photos, I found myself reading every single Newspaper article in the book. I loved 'Saturday Night Fever' which claims that during a White House party Princess Diana took to the Floor with John Travolta, afterwards Travolta admitted 'It was one of the great dance moments of his life'.

There are some magical moments captured with Prince Charles and her boys.

Her love of the people and her selfless charity work is beautifully illustrated. My favourite article being 'Angels of the Bronx' which looks back at a brave Princess Diana and Mother Teresa strolling hand in hand through New York's most violent district.

The Book pays homage to Diana’s momentous life and legacy. On her presence within the Windsor family, charity work and life in the public sphere.

The reproduced news reports and pictorials have been printed onto premium paper to ensure original print quality remains as intact as possible, to be enjoyed for years to come. The book is preserved in a unique gift case, making this edition a stunning tribute to the memory of Princess Diana.

Kevin Sears, Ecommerce Director at, said: “We want this book to honour the extraordinary life of Princess Diana. She was a charismatic and compassionate individual taken too early. We hope the iconic photographs and press stories help recipients feel joy through her legacy, where she will live on forever in our memory,” he adds.

The 20th Anniversary Princess Diana Newspaper Book is available now on I Just Love It and Historic Newspapers, retailing at £79.99.

*This is not a paid review and all opinions are my own.

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