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UK – Biggest Brand Movers – January 2022

British Film Institute (BFI) leads the pack in the January edition of UK’s Biggest Brand Movers, which highlights the brands registering notable upticks in brand health and advertising performance.

The British Film Insitute (BFI) saw gains in nine out of the 13 YouGov BrandIndex metrics, leading all other brands in this analysis. The improvements in Awareness, Impression, Value, Reputation, Satisfaction, Recommend, Quality, Consideration and Purchase Intent come amid the news of a boom in spending on film production.

Top 10 Biggest Movers Two confectionary brands were able to ride the festive wave to feature in the list are Lindt and Toblerone. Lindt, which offered special Christmas-themed chocolate boxes, made gains in three media metrics (Ad Awareness, WOM Exposure Buzz), two brand health metrics (Impression, Satisfaction) and two purchase funnel metrics (Purchase Intent, Current Customer). Toblerone features lower down in the list with gains in six metrics – Ad Awareness, WOM Exposure, Buzz, Quality, Purchase Intent and Current Customer. As part of its festive offerings, the Swiss chocolate brand allows users to create personalised gift packs. Another brand in this month’s table whose gains might be explained by its festive appeal is Disaronno Amaretto. The alcohol beverage maker gained in each of the purchase funnel metrics – Consideration, Purchase Intent and Current Customer. It also made improvements in three media metrics of Ad Awareness, WOM Exposure and Buzz. Historical data from YouGov BrandIndex shows that Disaronno Amaretto tends to register peaks in most of these metrics towards the end of the year.

Facebook made gains in seven metrics, including each of the brand health ones – Impression, Value, Reputation, Satisfaction, Recommend and Quality. Sky Atlantic also registered improvement in seven metrics. The TV channel, which has recently been in the headlines for the launch of Olivia Colman-starrer Landscapers, grew in Buzz, Impression, Reputation, Satisfaction, Quality, Consideration and Current Customer. Next on the list is Waitrose with upticks in Ad Awareness, WOM Exposure, Buzz, Reputation, Quality and Current Customer. The supermarket chain announced a partnership with Margiotta in late November, which will see the latter sell Waitrose products through its convenience store chain. Pizza Hut also registered gains in six metrics – Buzz, Impression, Value, Satisfaction, Quality and Purchase Intent. In mid-November, the restaurant chain reported that it is expanding its on-the-go profile through a partnership with EG Group. Fashion label Ralph Lauren witnessed growth in six metrics, including all four media metrics – Awareness, Ad Awareness, WOM Exposure and Buzz. The brand recently took steps towards expanding into the metaverse by debuting its first digital fashion line in Roblox Corp. ’s virtual world. Domestic appliances brand AEG rounds off the list with improvements in Awareness, Buzz, Impression, Reputation, Recommend and Consideration.


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