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The Weekly Dose Podcast launches with a series of virtual Fashion Week guests

Fashion experts and entrepreneurs Naomi Isted and Omar Al-Janabi are excited to announce the launch of their new Podcast series - The Weekly Dose. Covering all things fashion, lifestyle, arts and culture with special industry insider guests such as Designers, Stylists and Creative Directors.

Following the BFC announcement that London Fashion Week will go ahead in February only on the digital screen, the dynamic duo have timely released a series of virtual fashion week guests on The Weekly Dose. Guests to date include Couture Designers Emilio and Svetoslav of Kolchagov Barba, BFC luxury handbag CEO Keri Andriana of Amschela and Stylist and Creative Director Rebekah Roy. Followed by A-list and Strictly Stylist Alexandria Reid.

The Weekly Dose podcast inspires conversations, motivates and uplifts with in-the-know hosts Naomi and Omar delving deep behind the scenes and tapping into to what listeners really want to know. With Naomi’s social and TV presence and Omar’s fashion background combined, The Weekly Dose is already reaching global listeners from the U.K., LA, NYC and Dubai.

The Weekly Dose is now available to listen on Apple Podcast and Spotify:

About The Weekly Dose Hosts:

Mother of two Naomi Isted @naomikisted is a Broadcast Journalist, Author and Content Creator regularly featured in the press. She ranks in the top 25 global Fashion and Entertainment Reporters (June 2016) by Linkedin and ranks in the top 100 London Fashion Week Influencers.

Omar Al-Janabi is a Fashion Designer and entrepreneur with a wealth of fashion experience, having launched and run one of the most unique British streetwear brands. Omar now works on various businesses and the duo have been friends for years.


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