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Experience the Magic of Cruising from the Space Coast!

Space Coast Florida Cruise offering on your radar is the only place you can get cruising, Space and nature all in one place!

Port Canaveral has surpassed Miami for the first time as the world's busiest cruise port in the US, also voted as the Best North American Homeport by Cruise Critic. With an array of homeported ships and incredible attractions, the Space Coast promises a vacation like no other. You can sail from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas, the Caribbean or Mexico on cruises that typically range from three to 15 nights and are offered year-round. The cruise terminal is easily accessible to guests transferring from the airport or arriving by car.

Land Adventures Await!

Your journey from the Space Coast doesn't end when you disembark your cruise ship. Explore the charming Port Canaveral,Cocoa Beach, or Cape Canaveral, where a range of fantastic hotels eagerly await to make your stay even more special. Discover cruiser-focused amenities, including free cruise parking, convenient shuttle services, and personalised concierge assistance to ensure every moment is magical.

Space Exploration: Dive into the extraordinary world of space exploration as you visit the iconic Kennedy Space Center. Get up close and personal with historic spacecraft, meet real-life astronauts, and witness the marvels of space technology.

Wildlife Encounters: Encounter nature's finest as you explore the region's rich biodiversity. Spot playful dolphins, majestic sea turtles, and an array of fascinating wildlife on unforgettable eco-tours.

Cruise with Confidence

Safety is paramount, and each cruise line operating from Port Canaveral has its own set of safety protocols. Learn about the measures taken by your favorite cruise lines to ensure your voyage is secure and stress-free.

Family and Friends Fun

Looking to extend your vacation? The Space Coast offers endless opportunities for family fun, from the Dinosaur Museum to surf lessons. For those traveling with friends, explore the vibrant hot spots serving fresh, flavorful food and refreshing drinks to kick-start your unforgettable adventure.

The Cove: A Scenic Paradise

Before you sail away, immerse yourself in the wonders of The Cove. Savor delicious seafood, enjoy live music, and witness spectacular views of cruise ships, rocket parts, and wildlife. Ascend the iconic Exploration Tower to marvel at the history of the Space Coast and take in panoramic views of Port Canaveral and Cape Canaveral.

Set Sail for the Space Coast!

Ready to embark on a magical journey from the Space Coast? Discover an extraordinary cruising experience that extends beyond the horizon. Check out the fantastic hotels and thrilling activities awaiting you before or after your cruise, and make the most of your time on Florida's beautiful Space Coast.


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