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5 Podcasts to listen to now.

The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett

A firm favourite from Day one, I have been listening and following Steven's journey for years. Steven, is the 27-year-old Founder and former CEO of Social Chain, one of the UK's largest publicly listed social marketing agencies & media publishers. Steven shares his thought provoking insights and life on what it’s like behind the scenes, being an entrepreneur, and anything else that’s playing on his mind and journey. With amazing guests every week, from elite sports personalities to entrepreneurs. His Podcast will have you hooked from his first words - 'This is the diary of a CEO, I’m Steven Bartlett. I hope nobody is listening, but if you are… keep this to yourself.'

The Gemma Collins Podcast

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have heard of Gemma Collins, otherwise known as the GC. The self confessed diva has quickly become a household name. From reality TV to business woman, her memes and hilarious one liners have kept us laughing throughout the Global pandemic. Her Podcast doesn’t disappoint, unapologetically herself, the GC discusses all things she loves including ghost and aliens, combined with family life and aunt agony advice delivered in true GC style.

The Weekly Dose

Fashion entrepreneurs Naomi Isted and Omar Al-Janabi have just launched their new Podcast series - The Weekly Dose. Covering all things fashion, lifestyle, arts and culture with special industry insider guests such as Designers, Stylists and Creative Directors.

The dynamic duo have timely released a series of virtual fashion week guests on The Weekly Dose to co-incide with virtual Fashion Week. Guests to date include Couture Designers Emilio and Svetoslav of Kolchagov Barba, BFC luxury handbag CEO Keri Andriana of Amschela and Stylist and Creative Director Rebekah Roy. Followed by A-list and Strictly Stylist Alexandria Reid. The Weekly Dose podcast inspires conversations, motivates and uplifts with in-the-know hosts Naomi and Omar delving deep behind the scenes and tapping into to what listeners really want to know.

Saturn Returns with Caggie

For a soothing and spiritual listen, Saturn Returns dives deep into all things self, astrological and wellbeing. With self love always being at the forefront. Through honest and in-depth conversations with her guests, Caggie Dunlop (ex Made in Chelsea) aims to bring clarity to her listeners, offering them guidance on how best to navigate their own personal Saturn Return.

Feel Better Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Health and self care broken down into the most effective and comprehensive manner, Dr Chatterjee has a refreshing and uplifting approach to your physical and mental health woos, from motivation to sleep. With weekly inspiration conversations with exciting guests such as Joe Wicks and Wim Hof.


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