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3 Top Tips to Identify and Target your Audience

1. Go Niche

Niche your services and offering to what you are really good at and focus on this - you can't be everything to everyone Look at what sets you apart from the crowd and your competitors and create truly differentiating USP's. Whether you are a beauty brand or a business coach identify your niche, this will attract the right customers and clients in need of your services and products. A niche provider always charges more than a generalist.

2. Get clear on your target audience

It is important to create a clear customer profile. Start by looking at your current audience and who they are. Then put together a clear customer profile that's aligned with your offerings, values and company DNA. Have this actual person in mind and get very clear on who they are. List out everything about this person, you could even create a mood board, include - where they live, what they consume and how, what do they do etc.

3. Focus on a couple of strategies

Now that you are clear on what you are and who your target audience is, get specific on what communication tools you would like to invest in and keep them consistence. For example, instead of spreading yourself across all social media platforms, pick a couple that really work and focus on these, keep it consistent with clear and strong messaging. Mailing lists are also great ways of keeping in touch with your audience, always offer 80% value and 20% sales.


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