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Fashion SVP announces new Sourcing Hub for buyers at its January Edition

As part of its evolving services to brands and retailers, Fashion SVP is launching a special information centre for buyers at its January edition (January 29th & 30th, Olympia, London). Upon arrival, sourcing buyers and their teams will be invited to utilise the new “Sourcing Hub”, where highly experienced sourcing professionals will be able to answer sourcing questions and queries, from the simple to complex product development or manufacturing issues. Buyers from both small brands to high street retailers, and all in between, will be able to find out aboutbalancing reliability; quality; sustainability and price, and how to best match them with the capabilities of the show’s curated exhibitors. Buyers can also to learn more about the capabilities in the hall about show exhibitors. Show organiser Rhonda Dearsley said: “This is an exciting development at the show and is a complimentary service to our visitors. Highly experienced designers, product developers and technical experts will be on hand to help you solve your own unique sourcing issues. Whether it’s about fabric selection, product development or about which countries offer the best solutions, our sourcing team will have the answers and will be more than happy to discuss your own unique requirements in confidence. Having knowledge and contact with show exhibitors will also help visitors to navigate their way around the show and make their visit as productive and profitable as possible”. Fashion SVP has always prided itself on being a friendly show responsive to the needs of its visitors and we trust this new service will both support and enhance their buying aspirations and challenges.

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