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Sustainable Sessions at Fashion SVP

Fashion SVP once again presents the Sourcing Briefing Seminar programme. The programme is full of industry experts, all happy to share their knowledge, experience and expertise. These seminars have been created for a wide and varied audience, if you want to know more about the current critical issues influencing decisions in your environment, including; sourcing, production, brand and product development, design, marketing and social media. The show takes place next week on the 25th and 26th June in Olympia London. Please let me know if you’d be interested in attending the show. Sourcing Academy Briefing Sessions Daily Schedule Tuesday 25th June 11:30 Innovations and best practice in sustainable sourcing – practical advice for a fashion business to succeed without comprising on ethics? Tamsin Lejeune, CEO, Common Objective plus panel members including Amanda Johnson, Curator The Sustainable Angle and others Join Tamsin Lejeune, CEO of Common Objective + panellists to get on-the-ground insights from the innovative brands and businesses that are implementing new ways of sourcing that are better for the planet. Get unique insights into what it takes to build a sourcing eco-system that can scale, without comprising on ethics. 15:00 Orta are one of the biggest and oldest denim companies in the world and they are writing denim’s new story: How can we move the sustainability narrative from scarcity to abundance Zennure Danışman , Marketing and Washing Manager, Orta The sustainability journey Orta’s sustainability model Handprint Mission Biodesign Challenge 2019 Wednesday 26th June 11:30 How can a brand achieve continued success in an ever evolving marketplace? Shailina Benning, Product Director at Jigsaw – Creating a unique premium brand offering – Setting the highest standards in sustainability and ethical consciousness – Staying one step ahead of the consumer 13:30 What is the future of sourcing? Previously price driven, what are the key considerations for a successful sourcing strategy for the next 10 years Panel discussion including Vanessa Harrison, Director of Buying and Sourcing, Seasalt Limited, Ginny Hutt, Head of Product, BHS and others to be announced – Embracing sustainability issues – Competitiveness and risk management – Technological developments and adaptability to consumer demand – Smaller production runs and eliminating overstocks The session will be moderated By Della Nelson, Design & Brand Consultant 15:00 The continued development of future technologies and innovation in action; Aiming to find concrete solutions to sustainability in denim Panel including Mohiuddin Ahmed, CEO Pioneer denim, Tim Browne, Director, Ministry of Denim and Oya Barlas Bingul of Lenzing Fibers – What do brands want to see in the future? – How is consumer demand effecting change? – What will be the manufacturing reality compared to the aspiration? The session will be moderated by Clare Lissaman, Director of Resources and Impact at Common Objective

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