To Walk in Faith: Twenty-One Days to Walk in the Power of FaithReview by Nadia El Meallem.

A beautifully written book by Sandra J. Petrusaitis, which reminded me of the power of faith and connection, a message easily forgotten in today’s fast paced world. The book is easy to read and one I will be showcasing on my shelves and going back to for reference.

I timely received this book at the start of Covid-19, when we were all in a space of uncertainty. Sandra’s words and story inspired me to re-connect with my spirituality and God.

To represent how women walk in their faith each day, the book includes a collection of beautifully illustrated shoes, drawn by shoe designer and artist Mark Schwartz. These metaphorical shoes represent how women decide to take on the roads and challenges they face. 

Sandra faced domestic violence and struggles as a single mother. Despite these challenges, she was able to use her strong relationship with God to maintain strength in all facets of her life and hopes that her story will inspire other women to foster their relationship with God and themselves before trying to find love with a partner.

Sandra utilises personal anecdotes and Scripture to provide an inspirational and unique narrative that will uplift readers and encourage them to plug into their faith.

“To Walk In Faith: Twenty-One Days to Walk in the Power of Faith”

By Sandra J. Petrusaitis
is available at the WestBow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

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