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PR and Marketing Tips for your Business in the Covid era

Whether your an artist, brand or service provider, the way you conduct your business will have undoubtedly changed during these times. The way you handle your PR and Marketing as a company now more than ever is important for your reputation and keeping connected with your customers or clients, when the way we all work, consume and spend has gone through major changes.

We have put together some top tips on how you should handle your PR and Marketing efforts during this time of crisis.

1.Utilize your Social Media presence more than ever.

Social Media is still King and with most of us spending more time indoors than ever, glued to our phones and devices, utilizing social media is key to connecting to your audience. Engaging authentically and continuously via social media and other online channels, while also making sure that you cater to their needs rather than your own. Use your social media and blogs to address what’s happening in the world at present and think of what knowledge or expertise you have that could be helpful for your audience at this unprecedented moment in history. Think like your customer or client, if you were them what would you like to see more of?

2. Adapt

As a smart business you should learn to adapt, this could mean anything from taking your products and services online to changing your messaging and planning your pipeline news accordingly. In many cases, your messaging can help with the Covid-19 effort, such as with Nike’s “Play inside, play for the world” ads and Coca Cola’s “Staying apart is the best way to stay united” billboards.

3. Get Creative

Now is not the time to repeat your usual and same old PR and Marketing strategies. Take risks, experiment and be creative with your approach. Explore what makes you stand out from your competitors and don't be afraid of doing things differently, the more creative you are the better. Trying different approaches can draw in new customers or clients and keep your business thriving and exciting during these times.

4. Polish up your online presence

Now's a good time to take stock and polish up your online presence and outlets as Internet hits have surged during these times. To give your business a nice online boost, look at areas such as optimizing your business website for mobile, creating valuable content, incorporate keywords on your website pages and improve user experience.

5. Be Human

Covid-19 is an extremely sensitive subject. When communicating it’s very important to adopt a human tone of voice. During this time of isolation people are looking for human interaction, so it’s important to adopt an approachable, empathetic and understanding communication tone through all your communication channels.


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