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Fashion SVP’s Denim Section leads with Sustainability

Fashion SVP’s resident Denim section will be showcasing some of the most sustainable and ecologically friendly denim manufacturers in the world this June. With denim manufacturers from both ends of the spectrum, new and old turning its focus on Sustainability. Making production, as well as the treatments and finishes to be as kind to the planet as possible. One of the newest denim mills, Pioneer Denim from Bangladesh (who's motto is "Make Blue, Think Green") has seen its diversification into denim over the last few years. With a world class production facility, Pioneer is able to undertake some of the most sustainable and ecologically friendly denim manufacturing in the world. At the other end of the spectrum Fashion SVP will also be showcasing Orta Anadolu from Turkey, one of the oldest and most respected denim mills for generations. At Orta, sustainability is ‘business as usual’, its aim being to create a more robust denim ecosystem, engrain sustainability and an ethical consciousness from start to end. The Denim section offers an unrivalled opportunity to reach specialist denim manufacturers from across the world, without leaving the UK, and is an essential visit for all serious denim buyers looking for new supplier solutions or just keeping abreast of trends and developments. Other Denim manufacturers at Fashion SVP include Denim Club India, Kilim Group and Tusa from Turkey, alongside Marjomotex from Portugal – all offering very different styles of denim production

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